Through AGD/PACE approved provider DC Dental, we are thrilled to bring you live, interactive, ultra high-quality webinars.      DC Clinical courses are hand picked based on our mission to deliver actionable, skill building knowledge that makes your “dental life” more efficient, more productive and ultimately, more rewarding.

Date Time Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
03.15.17 8:00 PM ET Practice Efficiency Matt VanderMolen, DDS The Most Profitable One Hour in Dentistry

The Most Profitable One Hour in Dentistry

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

In today’s world, there is a plethora of information available at any time to anyone with access to Google or any of the many search engines on the internet. However, as most people know, the abundant information is often incomplete, inaccurate, or even completely wrong. The information related to the field of dentistry on the internet, in print media, and on television is the same – incomplete, inaccurate, or even completely wrong. You, as a dentist, know this – and your patients and potential patients know this as well. There are millions of people searching for answers to their dental problems and concerns from a resource they can trust. So, if the internet isn’t that trusted resource – what is? It could be, and it should be YOU.

The top 3% of income earners in any profession are speakers. Public speaking in your own community is one of the best public services you can provide for your community – and you will be highly regarded and well compensated for it.

Course Objectives

  • Why should a dentist become a public speaker?
  • What does it take to become a good public speaker?
  • What dental topics does the public want to know about?
  • What are the steps to setting up a successful seminar?
  • When and where should the seminar be?
  • What about advertising?
  • How should the presentation go?
  • ROI – Is the time and money to put on a seminar really worth it?


If you are an average dentist, and you want to stay that way – public speaking is not for you. If you are willing to step a little out of your comfort zone and to passionately share with your community all the great things our great profession has to offer – you and your community will all be better for it!

03.07.17 8:00 PM ET 3D Imaging Judd Vetock Become a More Efficient and Predictable Implant Practice

Become a More Efficient and Predictable Implant Practice

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

Dental technology is advancing at a pace that is difficult for dental professionals to keep up with. CBCT scanners and computer guided surgery has existed for well over a decade, yet there are few offices utilizing these proven resources. Why are these tools being overlooked or ignored by the majority of dentists? This CE course will demystify the barriers of adopting 3D technology and provide a process for incorporating a more efficient and predictable implant practice.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to achieve the following:
• Understand the misconceptions surrounding computer guided surgery.
• How they can have complete control over the entire implant treatment modality, from the fixture location, to the abutment position, and to the final restoration.
• Appreciate the advantage of CAD/CAM surgical guides vs lab or office fabricated guides.
• Comprehend how to incorporate this process into their practice and increase case acceptance and profitability.
• Understand how to communicate effectively with patients when presenting computer guided surgery as an option.

02.21.17 8:00 PM ET Endodontics William Nudera, DDS, MS To Retreat or Not to Retreat: When is it appropriate to retreat a root canal?

To Retreat or Not to Retreat: When is it appropriate to retreat a root canal?

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

Root canal retreatment is traditionally consider an “all or none” treatment approach. Meaning, all restorative and obturation material must be removed from the entire root canal space of all roots regardless of the individual periapical status. In contrast, surgical endodontics is not viewed as an “all or none” approach. It is a generally accepted that only the diseased root(s) should be addressed via root end resection and root end filling. Knowledge gained from CBCT imaging has introduced a new reasonable treatment option for endodontically treated teeth presenting with post treatment disease. This new concept allows the clinician to make predictable treatment decisions based on the periapical status of an individual root(s) rather than make assumptions about the tooth as a whole. A “selective root retreatment” combines the approach of an non-surgical retreatment with the selectivity of a surgical root resection.

Upon completion of this course, each participants should have a better understanding of the following:

  • -  The current recommendations for root canal retreatment and associated risks.
  • -  The conflict between the root canal retreatment model and the endodontic surgical model.
  • -  A literature based rationale justifying a more conservative approach to endodontic retreatment.
  • -  The importance of CBCT imaging when determining the presence or absence of periapical pathosis.
  • -  The CBCT image to create a guided precision slot access designed to selectively treat one or more roots of a multi-rooted tooth diagnosed with post treatment disease. We may be “over retreating” previously root canal treated teeth that present with recurrent or persistent apical pathology. This presentation is designed to make a reasonable argument using our current “accepted evidence” and logical reasoning to defend the clinician’s choice to approach root canal retreatment in a different way. It is being suggested that retreatment could be limited to a single root or roots clearly demonstrating periapical pathology while leaving the root(s) with no visible or perceived pathology untouched.
02.08.17 8:00 PM ET Implant Dentistry Pamela Ray, DDS Proper Techniques & Importance of Implant Maintenance

Proper Techniques & Importance of Implant Maintenance

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Implant Dentistry is growing at a rapid pace.  Everyone practicing dentistry, regardless of how involved with implant dentistry will have this patient population in their hygiene maintenance program.  This program will highlight the challenges these patients present to the hygienist and dentist and suggested tools and techniques to care for them.

This lecture will focus on the following objectives:

-Review of the current Implant Restorative Prosthetic Design

-Discussion of the challenges to long term maintenance of these implant prosthetics.
-Discussion of tools and techniques to help patients maintain health and hygiene around implant prosthetics.
01.24.17 8:00 PM ET Endodontics Lou Berman, DDS Endodontic Repairs: Fixing the Unfixables

Endodontic Repairs: Fixing the Unfixables

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

The professional life of the Endodontist has dramatically changed over the past couple of decades: we do more endodontic retreatments and surgery than ever before, and we fix procedural mishaps on an almost daily basis. Fortunately, the advent of newly formulated materials has permitted us to perform endodontic repairs with precision and biocompatibilty, with superb osteo-induction potential. This presentation will address several different types of endodontic challenges, and we will present contemporary solutions for the clinician for saving teeth, which would otherwise have a questionable or poor prognosis.

01.10.17 8:00 PM ET Practice Efficiency Steffany Mohan, DDS Simple, Cost-Effective, Stealth-Mode Marketing Ideas for Dentists that Want to Grow and Practice the Dentistry YOU Enjoy

Simple, Cost-Effective, Stealth-Mode Marketing Ideas for Dentists that Want to Grow and Practice the Dentistry YOU Enjoy

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET
REsecheduled from 10/13/16
1. Learn to use a reasonable marketing budget to achieve your practice goals.
2. Learn how to market for different market sizes and areas.
3. What really works and how can you best use your marketing dollars to get the best patients
4. Learn to adjust your marketing budget to gain better results
5. How to make dentistry more fun, as you perform more of the procedures that you actually enjoy.
12.20.16 8:00 PM ET Practice Efficiency Gary Imm, DDS The WOW Factor: Attraction, Referral Buzzes, and Behavioral Modification of the Urgent Care Guest

The WOW Factor: Attraction, Referral Buzzes, and Behavioral Modification of the Urgent Care Guest

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

1) recognize patient/guest loyalty decisions about your office
comes from how well they feel before, during and after their experiences with you and your team.

2) create a place where your team’s actions make your office a place that your guests can’t wait to return to…instead of looking for ways not to.

3) find ways to “dentalize” what the Big Boys(eg Disney, Ritz, Zappos) do to create “touch points” that will bring your guest back giving you more money at the end of the month and a team that is happier doing it.

4) list a few simple tweaks around what your office team is already doing that can put money in your pocket right away.

5) bring the winks, warmth, and coziness that make guests feel so good in their own living room or at grandma’s house to your office to create more fun, profit and ear to ear smiles everyday.

6) take 3 minutes a day for 30 days to create a guest mindset for your team that rivals what the “Big Boys” do.

7) quickly quantify your success without the burden of a survey.

8) create a process for guests to YELP to you…instead of your hard earned reputation being destroyed online.

9) recognize your customer service skills are being compared to the “Big Boys” everyday and how it affects your team, your guest’s choices and how much money you take home.

10) understand that a patient/customer sees you as a commodity( price and competition are considered) however a loyal guest chooses YOU (which cannot be duplicated) and price is irrelevant

12.06.16 8:00 PM ET Orthodontics Kathryn Gross, DDS You CAN Do Orthodontics!

You CAN Do Orthodontics!

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET
If you are anything like most dentists, you do a lot of work that rarely gets noticed, by the patient or others.  You work all day and wonder, does the patient even notice that there teeth are healthier and stronger?  Whether the patient just got a mouthful of fillings or a couple $1000 worth of crowns, inlays, or onlays,  there is rarely another word stated about the work you completed, unless it causes problems.  
Enter orthodontics!  Orthodontics is a rewarding way to make a difference for patients’ smiles, both while they are growing and when they are adults.  And not only do the patients notice a difference at each appointment but their friends and families do too.  If you want to make an impact, and find a way to get your work recognized, not only at the end, but also while the work is being accomplished, then consider incorporating orthodontics into your practice.  
As a general dentist, I have been doing orthodontic treatment on my patients, from 6-60 years of age.  I will share with you the time-tested tools and techniques that I have used for 12 years, how to practically guarantee a successful outcome, and how to select the best patients to treat.
Learning objectives:
  • How to get your orthodontic practice geared up and going within the setting of your general dental office  
  • Understand the impact orthodontic patients can have on the growth of your practice and the referrals to you
  • Learn clinical and organizational skills to virtually guarantee success throughout the course of treatment
11.16.16 8:00 PM ET Practice Efficiency David Moffet, BDS, FPFA Closing Those Leaks: How to Stop Losing Patients

Closing Those Leaks: How to Stop Losing Patients

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

Closing Those Leaks: How to Stop Losing Patients. Retaining More Patients in Your Dental Office By Creating An Ultimate Patient Experience.


Most dentists believe when spaces occur in their Dental Schedule that they need to get more new patients. But more new patients is not the answer if patients are leaking out the back door and front door because of poor systems and protocols. There’s no point in running for the hose if your barrel is leaking like a sieve. Identifying your weak points, and fixing those defects makes much more sense before writing another cheque for more marketing.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to identify your Dental Office weak points and how to go about fixing them.
  • How to have ALL your team members buy in to the programme of fixing your leaking barrel, once and for all
  • The ONE crucial stage of the patient visit that’s KILLING your practice, and how to fix that problem, once and for all.
  • How to set up your patients’ treatment appointments so that they become “Raving Fans” of your Dental Office
11.01.16 8:00 PM ET Esthetic Dentistry Pamela Ray, DDS Where the Pink of the Gum Meets the White of the Tooth

Where the Pink of the Gum Meets the White of the Tooth

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free
Time: 8:00 PM ET

Dr. Ray will discuss the complexity of gingival/tooth interface. An exploration of the anatomy, disease, and restorative conditions that affect this micro system will be considered. Treatment modalities for conditions will be explained.

Attendees should learn:
• The anatomy of the gingival sulcus
• The etiology of disease and iatrogenic factors that cause inflammation and loss of attachment.
• Restorative factors that can contribute gingival inflammation and disease.
• Treatment options for the hygienist, general dentist, and periodontist to discuss.

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