Milton Davenport



Chicago, IL

Milton Davenport

Chicago, IL

A native of Chicago, Dr. Davenport studied at Harvard School of Dental Medicine prior to returning to Chicago to complete his endodontic residency at University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Illinios State Dental Society, Chicago Dental Society, American Association of Endodontists, Edgar D. Coolidge Endodontic Study Club, and Illinios Association of Endodontist. Dr. Davenport established and manages Advanced Endodontics of Chicago, a private practice limited to microscopic and microsurgical endodontics. Dr. Davenport runs several study clubs and lectures widely across Chicago. When not lecturing and connecting with his colleagues, Dr. Davenport is out enjoying time with his family. Dr. Davenport considers himself extremely blessed to be able to blend his love of science, hands-on expertise and interpersonal relationships into a successful and rewarding career.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
09.27.18 Esthetic Dentistry Milton Davenport Cracked Tooth “Syndrome”
Cracked Tooth “Syndrome”

Cracked Tooth “Syndrome”

Location: Online

Cracked Tooth “Syndrome”: A pathogenesis based practical strategy to diagnosis, treatment, and management of CTS. 

-Understand the base etiology and pathogenesis 
-Diagnose CTS based on history, examination, and radiographic methodology 
-Treatment options for CTS based on accurate diagnosis and patient presentation 
-Patient management strategies related to CTS and its often persistent symptomology

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free