Steven Frost



Mesa, AZ

Steven Frost

Mesa, AZ

Father of 5 Boys and 1 Princess, Mentor, Clinical Educator, oh and identical twin.

Dr. Steven L Frost has been an Endodontic thought leader, innovator and implementor of the single visit root canal therapy for 24 years. He is a graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 1992. He received his Certificate in Endodontics from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 1994. Dr. Frost founded Red Mountain Endodontics in 1994 and is currently the head of 3 Endodontic offices.

He is the Co-Founder of OnCall Dental Urgent Care which has two office locations in Arizona, and is currently being licensed in 20 states Nationwide in 90 office locations. He has been a KOL for Dentsply Endodontics since 2004. He has presented all aspects of Endodontics including dental trauma to large groups of dentists. He also is Known in his community for allowing general dentists to come and be trained one on one at his office to assist them in upping their Endo skills.

Awards and Accomplishments
1984: Eagle Scout Award
1985-1987 Served LDS Mission in Florida
1992: Clinical Excellence Award University of Pacific School of Dentistry
2004 to 2017 KOL Tulsa/Dentsply/Sirona Endodontics
2003-2017 Voted Phoenix Magazine Top Dentist/Endodontist
2014: Co Founder OnCall Dental Urgent Care expanded into 20 states 90 offices Coming soon
OnCall London, Canada, Italy

Upcoming Webinars

Date Category Faculty Member Webinar Title
04.19.18 Endodontics Steven Frost Disruptive Dental Practice Growth: “From The Roots Up”
Disruptive Dental Practice Growth: “From The Roots Up”

Disruptive Dental Practice Growth: “From The Roots Up”

Location: Online

Endodontics continues to be one of the hottest ways to grow your dental practice. Learning to treat the emergency patient, or convenience patient can play a big part of your dental practice growth. Data from OnCall Dental Urgent Care shows that 38% of the population haven’t seen a dentist in the past 5 years for 4 reasons. The top 2 procedures in Urgent dental care are: root canal therapy and extractions. A unique way dentists can tap into dental practice growth is by improving the way they attract, treat and retain the emergency patient and convenience patient.

Many dentists are experiencing the dreaded open chair syndrome or holes in their schedules. Root canal procedures can be the answer to fixing this syndrome. Improved apex locators, irrigation and disinfection techniques, new biocompatible sealers and obturation predictability makes the attraction to do root canals very high. Discount niiti rotary files are making it more affordable and profitable to do root canals correctly and efficiently. Soon we will see a one file rotary system that truly works.   Also, is it possible that a no file root canal is on the horizon?   Ninja accesses and endodontic dentin conservation protocols will be the rage. How do you as the general dentist keep up with the changing endodontic landscape unfolding right before your eyes and use it to your advantage for practice growth?

Fill the chairs through Social media. It has proven to be a vehicle to unlock and reach the 38%.

It will be come more and more important to find ways such as SEO, Adwords and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make sure we set ourselves apart as the social media experts. The 38% will search for their dentists and procedures needed online. Then of course, they will be sharing their experiences, which gives us reason to protect our google and yelp ratings. A good root canal review can help build our practices, but a bad one can kill it.   How do we make sure from the roots up we optimize our root canal procedures and provide the highest quality in endodontic care?

General dentists should do root canals to grow their practices, however, they cannot fall victim to poor out comes because of case selection and case management. Patients are getting smarter and will continue to demand better root canal outcomes and efficient easy procedures.

Learning objectives:
1) Create a basic understanding of how emergency, unscheduled and convenient care patients can help grow your practice through better root canal therapy protocols and skills.
2) Discover the advantages of improved endodontic diagnosis and technology to create peace of mind for you and your patients.
3) Excellent reviews through predictable efficient endodontic therapies.

Credits: 1.5
Cost: Free